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Bopping to the beat in Oncology

Tuesday 29 October 2019 in Creative kids

An upbeat song had Emily and Makayla bopping to the energetic sounds of guitar strumming and music therapist Roxanne's engaging voice. The girls joined in with percussion with Emily tapping out a tune on a xylophone while Makayla clutched a maraca which rattled when she bounced excitedly.

"I like the sounds and keeping the beat," said Emily of her music session, with a smile.

Music is an intrinsic part of most children's lives with patients of all ages and abilities being helped by its theraputic use in oncology. Its positive and enjoyable influence can help provide a distraction during treatments and procedures as well as enabling children to take control of part of their environment.

Today's music therapy session also enabled the girls to have fun expressing themselves creatively. A highlight was when Emily sang one of her favourite songs about fish and used her arms to show how big their mouths were. Some fish were tiny and some were HUGE!

Both girls received plenty of applause, after all, sharing music with an audience is one of the best parts.

Find out how music therapy helps patients in Oncology.



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