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Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

September 30

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month (CCAM) when communities join in solidarity with families affected by cancer and raise vital funds to provide essential research and improved treatments.

This annual event highlights the need to improve outcomes for children with cancer as around 950 children in Australia, aged 19 and under, are diagnosed with cancer each year, and about 100 children can't be cured and don't get to live their full lives. Raising awareness, during September, raises understanding and support providing hope for improved outcomes for children with cancer.

Ways you can help

Show your support for this international event and become involved by raising awareness, and lighting up the world in gold, to honour the precious children and their families affected by cancer. You can share awareness by fundraising, on social media, and by wearing a gold ribbon - the symbol of CCAM. The fundraising ideas on our website can help you on your way.

Another way you can help, if you are able, is to give blood. Children being treated for cancer often need transfusions of blood and blood products and rely on donations by volunteers to provide them with this life-saving gift. If you'd like to donate blood, plasma or blood products you can fill out the online form for the Australian Red Cross or join a Redcross Lifeblood group such as the Cancer Centre for Children at The Children's Hospital at Westmead supporters. 

Imagine a cancer-free future

Funds raised during this month help scientists and researchers develop improved treatments and make life-saving discoveries. The Cancer Centre for Children has treated more than 5000 children and adolescents since 1976, and its world-class clinicians and researchers collaborate globally in clinical trials and to develop new, more effective treatments. 

Donate to the Cancer Centre for Children to help us make a cure a reality for all. 

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