Clinical hub

Clinical hub

Hearing that your child has cancer is traumatic, overwhelming and stressful. Many parents describe it as the worst day in their life.

However, learning about your child’s cancer, the available treatment options and other parents’ experiences can help to ease some of the anxiety and fear felt in those early stages of diagnosis.

The Clinical Hub provides information for parents about childhood cancers as well as practical tools and resources – both from professionals and other parents who are experiencing, or have experienced, a similar journey.

Childhood cancer is a general term used to describe more than 12 types (and countless subtypes) of cancer. Each type or subtype of childhood cancer requires careful diagnosis; specialised courses of treatment founded in scientific research and tested through detailed clinical trials; and customised management by specialist and paediatric oncologists.

The information we provide here is sourced from the best international and national bodies to keep you up to date with latest developments and best practice.

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