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Congratulations on grant win to research immunity!

Thursday 25 March 2021 in News from the Cancer Centre

We’d like to congratulate Dr Caroline Bateman and Professor Emily Blyth on being awarded a competitive grant. It will fund vital research into understanding the immunity of patients recovering from bone marrow transplantation and support research across the Westmead precinct.

Dr Bateman observed that winning the grant is a big step forward saying, “Our collaboration unites research at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead and Westmead Institute for Medical Research.

“This enables innovative therapies to be translated for use on children by using knowledge gained from research based on adults.”

Promising results after 17 months of existing research can now be developed further via the grant, from Sydney West Translational Cancer Research Centre (SWTCRC), which will fund resources for another six months and enable completion of the study.

Their success so far means Dr Bateman and Prof. Blyth will build on their results in future studies, to explore how immune systems affected by cancer treatment change with time, and the types and most timely application of interventions that will offer protection for paediatric patients.

Recognition of the immense value of their study, in winning the grant, highlights the importance of research advances in this area, as helping children in early post-transplant recovery can provide more opportunities for patients with dangerously compromised immune systems and have life-saving implications.

The Cancer Centre for Children is very proud of Dr Bateman and Prof. Blyth’s success.

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