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Coronavirus update for Cancer Centre for Children

Tuesday 2 February 2021 in News from the Cancer Centre

These recommendations for preventing Coronavirus exposure are updated as circumstances change. 

When you come to the clinic, there will be screening procedures to check if you or your child has a fever or is unwell.

Advice and recommendations for patients undergoing therapy or having scans and reviews are as follows:

  • Patients who are scheduled to receive therapy will continue to do so as per their treatment plan.
  • Patients who are scheduled to have scans will continue to have the scans performed. Results of the scans and subsequent appointments will be communicated by the Cancer Centre staff by phone or teleconference.
  • Patients receiving only oral chemotherapy (for the most part this involves patients with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia) will continue to be monitored closely.
  • If your blood test is done in Oncology Treatment Centre (Oncology clinic), and if your child is well, you can go home without waiting for review. The Cancer Centre staff will contact you to advise on any changes to doses, to provide any required prescriptions, and organise your next appointment.
  • Patients who are scheduled for review, and who are well, will have the review postponed or conducted via teleconference/telephone.
  • If you require prescriptions please let us know in advance so we can minimise waiting times.

Any patient who is unwell, please call first (Camperdown or Clinic) – You will be seen and assessed as per normal practice either in the Oncology Clinic or the Emergency Department.

Visiting the Children's Hospital at Westmead

Visitor guidelines

See the Network COVID-19 Information page for for parent, carer and sibling visitor guidelines and for more information about procedures, appointments and COVID-19. This page is updated as changes occur.

School recommendations

Returning to school within the community:

  • Patients receiving therapy, and those who have completed treatment, as well as their siblings, can resume normal attendance at school and child care. Coronavirus measures in place at school and child care should be observed.
  • Only a few patients will be required to continue isolation and these patients will be individually identified and notified by their treating team at the Cancer Centre for Children.

Hospital school programs for Oncology inpatients and outpatients:

  • School attendance, and participation in school programs, can be resumed with appropriate social isolation, screening and personal hygiene measures implemented.
  • If your school or child care service has requested a letter from the Hospital, to accompany your child’s return, please phone the Oncology Treatment Centre on (02) 9845 2115, or the Cancer Centre for Children through the Hospital switchboard on (02) 9845 0000, and the Cancer Centre will provide the letter to you.

Do you have a question about your child and COVID-19 precautions?

If your question, about your child being treated for cancer and COVID-19 precautions, has not been answered by the information provided on this page you can contact the Clinic at the Cancer Centre for Children and we will be happy to help you.

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