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An eggcellent Easter!

Monday 13 April 2020 in Celebrations

When the Easter Bunny hopped into Oncology over the long weekend, he delivered a special gift for every girl and boy. Add to this the excitement of the clinic chocolate raffle and lucky draw, and the fun of cracking open a huge eight kilo Easter egg to share, and there was plenty to tempt everyone’s tastebuds.

Families had ordered Oncology Clinic raffle tickets via email, phone calls, or during medical visits due to social distancing, and when it came time to draw the winners everyone was keen to take home a prize. None were keener, or more surprised, than Steven, 8, who won a red wheelbarrow filled with chocolate saying, “Wow, this is great!” Sanie, 4, also couldn’t believe it when she won a huge egg wrapped in gold foil that was almost as tall as her.

Steven wins a raffle prize

Winners in the lucky draw got to choose their prizes to take home and Charlie, 3, picked a freckled egg as his favourite, while Patrick, 17, was pleased to win saying he had never won anything before and felt lucky to take home the big chocolate bunny.

It is a tradition to break open Easter eggs to share in Oncology and Ranniber, 9, William, 9, and Steven, 8, were up to the challenge of helping to break a pink foiled eight kilo egg, wrapped in protective cellophane, by swinging a purpose made stick. Staff then used gloves to put the chocolate into many separate bags so children could enjoy it safely. Even with social distancing everyone could still join in the fun and share the experience.

A very special thank you goes to Bankstown Care for Kids, Jodie and Vince, Tony from Max and Boon Chocolates and Sweets at Sydenham, the Easter Egg Warehouse at Castle Hill, Kids with Cancer Foundation Australia, and Bunnings whose valued support made all this possible.  

Thank you to families who bought raffle tickets which raised money for play and craft activities for kids in the clinic including ingredients to make more much-loved 'slime', stickers and textas for art packs.

Not surprisingly, the kids all had an eggcellent Easter!

Raffle and lucky draw prizes

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