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Innovative art trolley offers kids creative outlet

Thursday 25 June 2020 in Creative kids

Combine our Child Life Therapists’ innovative art trolley with the vivid imaginations of children in the Oncology Treatment Clinic and the result is plenty of creativity and fun. With the playroom still closed as a precaution, due to the pandemic, our Child Life Therapy team has created a trolley filled with an abundance of art and craft options that are sanitised and ready for use.

Old favourites feature, including glittery slime in child-sized take-away containers, as well as vibrantly coloured crayons and pencils, and lots of craft supplies to glue, bend and create with.

Isla, 5, and Emilie, 2, were keen to explore the trolley this week, with Child Life Therapy Assistant Angelica Torrijos, and create art some imaginative art to take home.

Isla gets creative with pipe cleaners from Child Life Therapy's art trolley

Isla has been keeping busy at home during social distancing watching her favourite show, Sophia the First, on Disney +. "I just like her," said Isla of her adventurous heroine. Now her whole family are are fans of Sophia too. Today in the Clinic, though, Isla was focussed on an imaginative adventure with colourful, bendy pipe cleaners. 

Emilie draws a bright yellow picture  

Emilie was also producing creative art. After colouring in a smiling whale outline she stuck to a yellow crayon, her favourite colour today, to draw a beautiful, vibrant artwork. Stickers also provided another fun way for her to be creative. 

Child Life Therapy's art trolley means there are creative activities for children to do in the Clinic, as they attend appointments, even through the current precautionary changes. 

Has your child created wonderful artwork or enjoyed a special occasion like a birthday? Send it to the Cancer Centre for Children website to share.

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