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Kiara's magical 5th birthday party

Friday 7 February 2020 in Patient stories

Frozen 2 was the perfect theme for Kiara’s birthday party on 23 January 2020, with its adventurous princesses and magical songs, especially as she is now a big girl having turned five-years-old.

Kiara celebrated with family and friends at home and was ecstatic when her best friend Illa was able to come.

“We look forward to this year as she will hopefully be completing her treatment in July and beginning preschool in third term,” said her mother, Aurora. “She was 3 years and 10 months old when she was diagnosed, and it has been a long and rough journey, but we’re almost at the end of the tunnel.”

A beaming grin lights up Kiara’s face in the photograph of her with her Frozen 2 party decorations. She is delighted to be older, and ready for all the adventure and magic that awaits her, like the heroines in her favourite movie.

See Kiara's Pepperoni Cupcake artwork featured earlier this year when she was in Camperdown Ward.

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