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Molly wins major award

Friday 12 March 2021 in Celebrations

15-year-old Molly was named in the NSW Women of the Year Awards as The One to Watch on Tuesday after having raised thousands of dollars to help children with cancer. The award recognises courage, strength, kindness and determination in young women aged seven to 17, which Molly has in abundance, and highlights her many activities.

Diagnosed with osteosarcoma on her 12th birthday, Molly was treated at the Cancer Centre for Children. After multiple operations and an arduous chemotherapy regime she overcame cancer and the experience inspired her to help others.

Minister for Women, Bronnie Taylor, said, “Molly is an outstanding young woman, who drew on her own journey with an extremely rare bone cancer to support sick children and families.

“Despite facing huge personal obstacles, Molly formed her own network of young sarcoma patients and now provides ongoing support to these other young cancer patients while they’re in hospital and after they return home.”

A dedicated fundraiser, Molly helped raise $180,000 for Ronald McDonald House, $30,000 for the Cancer Centre for Children, and fundraised for Bandaged Bear at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead and the Fight Cancer Foundation of Australia.

Raising awareness of childhood cancer and advocating for youth are also priorities. A role with the NSW Youth Advisory Council enables her to give youth in need a voice and help shape youth-related policies and legislation.

Winning the NSW Women of the Year - The One to Watch Award adds to Molly’s many impressive achievements. Congratulations Molly!


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