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Psychosocial services

What are psychosocial services?

Psychosocial services are made up of interdisciplinary teams that can help you with the psychological, social, behavioural and emotional aspects of childhood cancer at all stages of the disease. The diagnosis and treatment of childhood cancer affects the entire family and our highly skilled health-care workers specialise in assisting children, adolescents, families and carers to process feelings and understand and address difficult behaviours and challenges.

Psychosocial oncology is a specialised field within psychosocial services that tailors treatment to the needs and concerns of each child in oncology. Cancer patients are individuals with unique emotional and behavioural responses to their cancer and its medical treatments.

What we do

Psychosocial oncology helps children and their families to navigate through the cancer journey. Our assistance includes:

  • Psychological services to address mental health and behavioural difficulties that can arise along the way
  • Social work services to assist in navigating the challenges of everyday life
  • Diversional, play and music therapies to assist with procedures and improve quality of life
  • Educational services to keep children linked with their home schools

Our health-care teams

Within the Cancer Centre for Children, our health-care professionals work in the following teams:

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