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Understanding Childhood Cancer Podcast with Dr Geoff

Dr Geoff McCowage, a Senior Paediatric Oncologist at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead, has created a series of podcasts in everyday language for people interested in understanding childhood cancer and its treatments.

The podcasts are on Soundcloud and iTunes and they can be downloaded free of charge to mobile devices and computers by searching for 'Understanding Childhood Cancer with Dr Geoff'.

They were recorded for the parents of children treated at the Hospital, but contain a range of information in easy to follow categories, suitable for anyone interested in developing their understanding of specific topics.

“I go through all the information about childhood cancer and explain what the diseases are,” said Dr Geoff.  

“The important thing to know is that children get different cancers to adults. By and large, children get a whole bunch of different sorts of cancers. Different in their sites of origin, different in the biology of the cancer, and different in their response to treatment.”

The series comprises 73 tracks, organised into six playlists, that progress through topics including types of cancer, various drugs, different tests, side effects and nutritional needs.

To access the podcasts search for 'Understanding Childhood Cancer with Dr Geoff' and remember to spell Geoff - G.E.O.F.F.

Listen to Dr Geoff on Soundcloud.

Listen to Dr Geoff on iTunes.

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