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Look out kids cancer! Kavi is here.

Tuesday 3 August 2021 in News from the Cancer Centre

Today Dr Kavi Gowrishankar, immunologist extraordinaire, joins the Children’s Cancer Research Unit (CCRU).

Kavi is well-known for being:

  1. a killer of cancer cells

  2. a designer of immunotherapies

and now she's the scientific head of Advanced Cellular Therapeutics with Kids Research.

Dr Kavitha Gowrishankar has been appointed as the David Cable Research Fellow to co-lead the CCRU’s Advanced Cellular Therapeutics (ACT) team. 

Kavi joins ACT clinical co-lead Dr Geoff McCowage, to develop and implement novel cellular therapeutics for the treatment of cancer in children. 

Kavi has a highly successful track record in the development of cellular therapies with a focus on CAR T cell therapies, has been lead investigator in successful partnerships with industry and co-author of numerous therapy-related patents. 

She is highly skilled in the molecular design of novel immunotherapy approaches, adept at engineering DNA to produce innovative designs and therapies that are safer and more efficient. Author of 21 research articles and two book chapters to date, and a passionate and successful student supervisor, Kavi joins the CCRU in their commitment to use science to make kids cancer a disease of the past. 

Kavi Gowrishankar
David Cable Research Fellow
Co-lead Advanced Cellular Therapeutics team
Children’s Cancer Research Unit, Kids Research 

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