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Podcast: CAR T-cell therapy targets specific cancers

Friday 11 December 2020 in News from the Cancer Centre

An innovative new cancer treatment called CAR T-cell therapy is the topic of the the latest episode of the Understanding Childhood Cancer with Dr Geoff podcast.

During this episode Dr Geoff McCowage interviews his colleague, Dr Caroline Bateman, to answer the big questions about this novel therapy including: What are CAR T-cells? What do they do? Which patients might benefit from the therapy? What are possible side effects? And, when will this therapy be provided at the Cancer Centre for Children?

You can listen to this episode on the Understanding Childhood Cancer with Dr Geoff podcast on iTunes and SoundCloud.

The transcript of this episode is available to read or download.

Find out more about Dr Geoff's podcast, which has episodes on a variety of topics in accessible language.


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