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Santa visits Oncology Christmas Party

Thursday 19 December 2019 in News from the Cancer Centre

All the children at the Oncology Christmas Party made Santa’s ‘good’ list and got presents to top off an exciting morning of delicious food and fun entertainment on Saturday 14 December. Families mingled and children were entertained by cake decorating, Captain Starlight’s jokes and a dance competition as Oncology was transformed into a Christmas wonderland.

Many children were surprised that the typical hospital day they expected was instead full of Christmas festivities.

Two-year-old Jason dashed in expecting to find Donna with lollipops behind the reception desk only to discover lots of food, families and entertainment.

Two face painters had a steady stream of faces to decorate in colourful designs. “I want to get my face painted like a unicorn,” said 7-year-old Aramina. “Me too, I want to be a butterfly,” said her sister, 5-year-old Emmita. Being transformed by the face painting artists was the highlight of their day. Their brother Gabriel, 3, a patient at the Hospital said, “No Santa, no Christmas,” but was won over by Santa’s present which made him smile.

Children waiting in line for Santa had help deciding on their Christmas list. “What are you going to ask Santa for,” Captain Starlight asked them. “A box of smelly socks?”

All children had a gift waiting. Siblings often spend almost as much time in hospital as their sick brothers and sisters so Santa had a present for them as well.

Ayoub Ayash, who runs Ayoub Supply, was an oncology patient at the Hospital many years ago and often provides food for special occasions at the clinic. His baked chicken, hot chips, tabouli, hummus and pizza were very popular at the party.

Caring for Kids, a group of family and friends organised by Thomas Benson and Kerry Stephenson, has been fundraising since 1991 for the Hospital, raising over $600,000 to help children with cancer. They helped make the party special with Santa, food and drink, and presents for siblings.

Hot waffles with toppings from Elizabeth Amalfi’s waffle cart were a sought-after desert with people enticed by the sweet aroma as they cooked.

“I like to spread love and hope one waffle at a time,” she said. “It’s a nice opportunity to see smiles.”

Elizabeth also regularly volunteers to help children make waffles in the Oncology Clinic through the Redkite charity.

We are very thankful for all the volunteers who added their magic so generously to make the party special for children and their families.

Best wishes to all families, staff, volunteers and friends of the Cancer Centre for Children for a Christmas and New Year filled with hope and happiness.

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