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Top tips from Look Good...Feel Better

Saturday 14 December 2019 in News from the Cancer Centre

“You’ve got to pamper yourself every day,” said Cindy Cunningham in the Look Good…Feel Better workshop held in the Oncology Clinic on Wednesday 11 December. The workshop showed teenagers experiencing, and recovering from, cancer how to take care of their skin, achieve a natural look with makeup, and wear scarves and wigs in stylish ways. By pampering, and taking care of themselves, they can look good and become empowered by feeling good.

A combination of school functions, Christmas, and illness meant some girls were unable to attend, and Emileeh, 13, and Kiah, 16, comprised the whole workshop, enjoying Cindy’s full attention.

Colourful boxes of makeup, donated by the Australian Cosmetics Industry, were given to each girl and Cindy demonstrated natural looking colour combinations and provided useful tips.

“A lot of people get dry skin with chemo so it’s about keeping moisturised,” she said.

Advice was given about using colour to even out changes in the appearance of skin due to treatment, such as putting a little bit of green colouring under makeup to even out skin that looks too red. There was a touch of artistry about applying colour to achieve specific effects, and how to draw in perfectly proportioned eyebrows after they become thin through chemotherapy, and Cindy helped the girls with their specific needs.

“I wanted to learn all about makeup. It was really good,” said Emileeh.

The upbeat workshop provided a surprising amount of useful information in warm and friendly atmosphere.

“I found out a lot of new things. I really liked the eyebrow tips and learning how to tie scarves,” said Kiah who tried out the various cosmetics with skill and confidence.

Her older sister, Shani-Lee, who accompanied her to the workshop said of Kiah, “She’s better at doing her makeup than me!”

There were interesting tips in the workshop that were helpful, even for those familiar with applying makeup.

“Often mothers find the tips interesting as well,” said Rhondda Rytmeister, a Clinical Psychologist, who has helped organise makeup workshops at the Hospital for over 20 years. “I thought the workshops were really worthwhile, and could see that what they were doing for patients was lovely, so asked them to came to this Hospital.”

Teenage boys are also catered for with three ordering kits from LGFB containing male products for skin and hair care from this workshop. Patients who were unable to attend had their kits delivered to their wards or homes.

To Look Good…Feel Better is to look after yourself and gain confidence by enhancing your appearance, and by teaching tips specific to cancer patients, this workshop is a relaxed way to get great ideas and an array of quality makeup to achieve this with.

Read more about the Look Good…Feel Better workshop at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead.

Visit the Look Good…Feel Better website.


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