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Switch on the waiting room fun!

Wednesday 1 April 2020 in News from the Cancer Centre

Nintendo Switch is making a big splash in the Clinic as kids discover they can play their favourite games in the waiting room. Minecraft, Spiro, LEGO Jurassic World and Sonic Forces are some of the many popular titles available for patients, who can immerse themselves in fun fantasy worlds while they wait, or be entertained by our individually packaged craft packs.  

The Switches were donated to the clinic on 25 March by the Intrepid Travelling Troupe (I.T.T.) who, for two decades, have raised money with their popular shows featuring music, drama, and humour.

“As I.T.T. have been long-term supporters of the clinic, and have always been willing to buy anything that made a difference to our families, they leapt at the opportunity to purchase these games to support our kids during this tough time,” said Deborah Carr, Nurse Unit Manager. “They understood the challenge of not only facing Oncology treatment, but also to be isolated because of potential Covid-19 infection.”

The powerful handheld consoles, with impressive graphics, have games for different ages and interests and Reuben, 5, knew which one he liked right away. “I want to play with Sonic because that’s the one I normally play with,” he said.

They were also a big hit with Harry, 4, who preferred to go on an adventure, and battle his way to the top, in Pokémon - Let’s Go Pikachu. An added bonus is the consoles are easy to wipe down and clean between players.

Nintendo Switches are the latest in handheld consoles

Game titles that are on multiple devices mean children can play the games they love on other platforms when necessary. “Children are really happy with the Switches. The PlayStations are too close together for social distancing, so are not on at the moment, but with these handheld consoles they can still do the same thing,” said Angelica Torrijos, Child Life and Music Therapy Assistant.

Angelica, and the Child Life Therapists, have developed creative ways to ensure there are plenty of activities to keep children busy and entertained even though the playroom is closed. Individually packaged coloured pencils that can be wiped down, and slime and play doh that children can keep, mean there is always something fun to do.  

Our waiting room has evolved for the times with bright ideas and new amusements for kids to enjoy that are ready and waiting to try on their next visit.

Elijah, 10, checks out a new Switch

Thank you to Angelica Torrijos and Lisa Carnovale, Play Therapist, for landing on the brilliant idea of the Switches after much research.

Everything the I.T.T. does for the Clinic makes it a better place for families and their children, undergoing a difficult time, and we can’t thank you enough for the wonderful things you do -but, once again, thank you.

Thank you, families, for continuing to follow our visiting precautions to help prevent coronavirus exposure.

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